We firmily believe in helping those in our community in all that we do.  We ask that you help us in doing your part to make sure that your fellow neighbor is just a little better off than they were before you crossed paths with them.

Keeping in line with these values, we have been working behind the scenes with local charities and businesses to help make a difference in our community.

Big Lick Boomerang is NOT just another designated driver service.

ARCH helps those in our community by providing second chances and new beginnings after homelessness, addiction, and crisis. Through the use of innovative evidence based practices, their professionally trained staff provide support to their clients with the goal of living independent, productive, and healthy lives in our community.

$1 of each designated driver service call, will be donated back into our local community, helping those affected by crisis get back on their feet..

ARCH provides safe, supportive recovery and opportunities for self-sufficiency after crisis to the most vulnerable citizens in the Roanoke Valley.

We are proud to announce our partnership to support the efforts of ARCH.